Update on Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook recorded his 7th straight triple-double last night. No you don’t need to get your eyes checked. No that wasn’t a typo. Russell Westbrook is now tied with Michael Jordan and Oscar Robertson for the second longest streak of consecutive games with a triple-double. The only person to have more consecutive games with a triple-double is Wilt Chamberlain, who had nine.

The Thunder lost to the Rockets last night by a score of 99-102. Westbrook recorded 27 points, 10 assists, and 10 rebounds. The Thunder (14-9) next face the Celtics (13-10) tomorrow night, who are currently 14th in opponent points per game in the NBA. Hopefully Russell Westbrook can exploit Celtics Point Guard Isaiah Thomas on the offensive end of the court and continue his streak of triple-doubles. Thomas is 5’9″ as oppose to Westbrook who is 6’3″ which is a height difference that is usually seen between one or two positions (Point Guard to Shooting Guard/Small Forward). Although I am not a Thunder fan, I’m a fan of good basketball and records being broken, and we’ve already got some incredible basketball.


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