NBA All Star Line

The NBA All Star Game is still 2 months away, but there are already standouts for who the starters for each team should be. Although the NBA does their selection by backcourt (guards) and frontcourt (forwards/centers). I’m going to go traditional and give the two players in each position that I feel most deserve to be NBA All Stars


  1.  Isaiah Thomas (26.0 ppg/2.6 rpg/6.1 apg) and Kyrie Irving (24.5 ppg/3.0 rpg/4.7 apg)
  2. Demar Derozan (27.8 ppg/5.3 rpg/4.3 apg) and Dwyane Wade (19.9 ppg/4.3 rpg/3.4 apg)
  3. Lebron James (24.7 ppg/7.7 rpg/9.1 apg) and Carmelo Anthony (26.8 ppg/6.0 rpg/2.6 apg)
  4. Kevin Love (21.7 ppg/10.5 rpg/1.6 apg) and Kristaps Porzingis (19.7 ppg/7.5 rpg/1.3 apg)
  5. Hassan Whiteside (17.2 ppg/14.6 rpg) and Andre Drummond (15.0 ppg/ 13.6 rpg)


  1. Russell Westbrook (30.9 ppg/10.8 rpg/11.3 apg) and Damian Lillard (27.6 ppg/2.6 rpg/ 4.8 rpg)
  2. James Harden (28.2 ppg/7.6 rpg/11.4 apg) and Klay Thompson (22.0 ppg/3.6 rpg/2.1 apg)
  3. Kawhi Leonard (24.4 ppg/6.0 rpg/3.0 apg) and Gordon Heyward (23.1 ppg/6.4 rpg/3.9 apg)
  4. Anthony Davis (31.4 ppg/11.4 rpg/2.2 apg) and Blake Griffin (20.7 ppg/9.0 rpg/4.6 apg)
  5. Demarcus Cousins (28.8 ppg/10.7 rpg) and Karl-Anthony Towns (21.4 ppg/10.4 rpg)


I know that these will never be the lineups and that each starting lineup will probably consist of a Point Guard, a Shooting Guard, and three Small Forwards for the East. The West will probably have two Point Guards, a Small Forward, and a Power Forward and a Center, which is a little more traditional, but I still don’t like it.




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